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May 16, 2013

Keeping Butts of Our Beaches

Surfrider Cape Fear Chapter needs your support. For all you locals, please cut and paste the address list below and either craft your own letter (click here to see Cape Fear Chapter's website for this issue)  In short:  Wrightsville Beach NC imposed a ban on smoking on their beaches. Now NC state government wants to over rule local authority and remove that self-imposed ban.

You can cut and paste the address list to make it easier to send this letter of concern to our state representatives.

 "Tommy.Tucker@ncleg.net" ; "Jim.Davis@ncleg.net" ; "Trudy.Wade@ncleg.net" ; "Tamara.Barringer@ncleg.net" ; "tan.Bingham@ncleg.net" ; "Don.Davis@ncleg.net" ; "Thom.Goolsby@ncleg.net" ; "Fletcher.Hartsell@ncleg.net" ; "Brent.Jackson@ncleg.net" ; "Ellie.Kinnaird@ncleg.net" ; "Gene.McLaurin@ncleg.net" ; "Martin.Nesbitt@ncleg.net" ; "Louis.Pate@ncleg.net" ; "Jeff.Tarte@ncleg.net" ; "Michael.Walters@ncleg.net"

Subject: Ban on Smoking at NC beaches

I respect the rights of citizens and local governments in determining how they want to regulate their communities. SB 703 is designed to overturn a referendum voted in place by a strong majority of the citizens of Wrightsville Beach and limit the authority of municipal governments throughout the state.  I feel that this bill goes a long way in taking the power out of the voter’s hands and places it squarely in the hands of government.  This bill, as it is written, would also remove the rights of our community colleges to be able to effectively govern their campuses.  In my opinion, this would be a step backward in the democratic process we hold so firm.  As it stands, this bill is a clear example of special interest groups and lobbyists trying to trump the will of the public.
As our elected official, I ask that you please stand strong in helping to promote clean and healthy communities and OPPOSE SB 703.

We pickup trash constantly. Most disheartening is cigarette butts. They do not degrade and pose health risk to fish and wildlife.

Sincerely and thank you for taking time to help our community.

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