Our Promise To You

My Environmental Promise: I use Forest Stewardship Council certified woods or woods salvaged from downed trees. All boards are glassed with epoxy resin which is cleaner for our environment and emits 50-75% less Volatile Organic Compounds than polyester resin. In my shop I have moderate ventilation and no need for a mask when glassing. Epoxy is lighter and stronger than polyester. My wood boards are nearly indestructible and should last a lifetime. Each board is quality crafted for strength, durability and concern for our environment.

My Satisfaction Promise: Ride your board for 30 days. If you don't like it, return it.

CONTACT: Dan Johnston BlindDogSurfboards@yahoo.com

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Nov 30, 2013

Tom's boards coming together

Tom has been hiding lately. TXT'ng and surfing, he's just saying "I'm working on some projects". Finally able to squeeze out of him the following pictures. "I'm using mostly Western Cedar, Northern Spruce and some Cherry for trim/accents.

Interested? Call Tom at 404-229-4223 or email him at BlindDogSurfboards@yahoo.com

Mini-Simmons.  5'9" by 21.5" x 2.5"

Mini-Simmons rocker profile

6'4" by 22"x 2.5"  Top View

Bottom View

Rocket Shorty Rocker Profile

Fishy Fish. 7' 6" by 23.5" x 3"

Bottom glued up for something short. Maybe an 8' Fish? :)

Bottom glue up panel for long board. 
Another Short Board Bottom Panel

Nov 29, 2013

We make fins also

This is a 10.5" Hattchet fin. It is the fin of choice for Tom and I on our Nose Rider longboards especially with our short ride beach breaks. Good bite and good holding power, also makes for easy bottom turning. This one is made from Austrailan Lacewood.  Price: $125

Tom and Dan

Nov 28, 2013

Surprise swell November 27, 2013

Barrett and Unknown at Sunset Beach, NC, not on Blind Dog boards but couple of locals have a great day to themselves. Me? No was too late in day to go out and my surf bro was heading to Turkey Day down with his sweet heart's family.

Nov 23, 2013

BD T-Shirts Legends in Wood.

Just finished this shirt. 100% unbleached Cotton, meaning it is not stark white but a very light tan. We chose this type of fabric because it, in our humble mind, is slightly "woody" color and was made with concern for our environment. Waikiki Diamond Head was and is the starting point for many legendary surfers and we though this would be an appropriate way to pay homage to those who came before us.

Short sleeved version is $15 with shipping and packing $19.60. Long Sleeve is $17 same shipping and handling. You can do PayPal, Check or even Cash. Email us at: BlindDogSurfboards@yahoo.com if you have any questions.


Nov 17, 2013

Finally some good surf this weekendq

                                                  Tom on foamy Blind Dog Nose Rider
Surf here was good this past weekend. 3' with some bigger sets.

Click here for home brewed video of Sunset Beach NC that day. 

Tom and Dan

Nov 7, 2013

Single Fins Still A Hoot To Drive With

Single Fins: Good, Bad, Who Cares?

Tom and I like single fins. To us they bite when needed and release speed when hauling down a shore break line. Here is an interview with Rob Machado and his opinion/observations about single fins and what they offer.

Surfer Magazine: Single Fins