Our Promise To You

My Environmental Promise: I use Forest Stewardship Council certified woods or woods salvaged from downed trees. All boards are glassed with epoxy resin which is cleaner for our environment and emits 50-75% less Volatile Organic Compounds than polyester resin. In my shop I have moderate ventilation and no need for a mask when glassing. Epoxy is lighter and stronger than polyester. My wood boards are nearly indestructible and should last a lifetime. Each board is quality crafted for strength, durability and concern for our environment.

My Satisfaction Promise: Ride your board for 30 days. If you don't like it, return it.

CONTACT: Dan Johnston BlindDogSurfboards@yahoo.com

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May 29, 2013

Lost Found Diamond Ring - Sunset Beach NC

Just met a tourist who lost her diamond ring in the parking lot at Sunset Beach NC. If you find it, please give us a call or email. She was very upset to say the least.

910 575 6682

May 27, 2013

Nice award

Wrightsville Beach Long Board Association held their annual contest. The event was well attended as usual and there was some awesome surfing by everyone entered. Best part is seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The morning surf was ok to good but by the time finals were on, the tide killed just about any waves left. Our group all headed outside to wait for sets but nothing came. I gave it 10 mins then headed into shore break junk. It was ugly. Ate sand for 10 mins. I didn't catch one good wave. After our heat, I and the rest of our "Legends" group packed up and headed home. Mike Whitmore called later that night, I took first place. What a shock.

My daughter Kim went over to Mike's home to pick up my trophy. Here is what she FB posted:
My dads trophy for winning first place! I don't know surf or wave lingo, but if I understood correctly, the guy that made the trophy was telling me he rode the crap part of the wave & made it look really nice! Congrats Dad! xoxox

This was on my 9'10" woody Nose Rider. I was not the best out there during that heat, just the luckiest.

May 19, 2013

9'1" Nose Rider

Kolin just picked up his first Blind Dog, a sweet nose rider that will last him for long long time. This came out to 19.5 pounds, 23.25" wide, 3.25" thick, 19.5" nose and 18" tail, with 8 1/2" tail block. Nose and Tail Blocks are Cedar and Balsa. This single fin also has a 30/70 rear foil for more nose life and 1/4" concave running about 1/3 of the board length with rest of board have slight V lower deck profile for maneuverability. The rails are shaped like an Alaia giving it good bit yet easy to turn. Foam boards could never take the rail design we use, just not enough foam left in a rail for any strenght.  This board features a Turtle inlay along with first use of special Turtle tattoo done by Andrea Cecconi, Italy. Here is a link to Andreas work:





May 16, 2013

Keeping Butts of Our Beaches

Surfrider Cape Fear Chapter needs your support. For all you locals, please cut and paste the address list below and either craft your own letter (click here to see Cape Fear Chapter's website for this issue)  In short:  Wrightsville Beach NC imposed a ban on smoking on their beaches. Now NC state government wants to over rule local authority and remove that self-imposed ban.

You can cut and paste the address list to make it easier to send this letter of concern to our state representatives.

 "Tommy.Tucker@ncleg.net" ; "Jim.Davis@ncleg.net" ; "Trudy.Wade@ncleg.net" ; "Tamara.Barringer@ncleg.net" ; "tan.Bingham@ncleg.net" ; "Don.Davis@ncleg.net" ; "Thom.Goolsby@ncleg.net" ; "Fletcher.Hartsell@ncleg.net" ; "Brent.Jackson@ncleg.net" ; "Ellie.Kinnaird@ncleg.net" ; "Gene.McLaurin@ncleg.net" ; "Martin.Nesbitt@ncleg.net" ; "Louis.Pate@ncleg.net" ; "Jeff.Tarte@ncleg.net" ; "Michael.Walters@ncleg.net"

Subject: Ban on Smoking at NC beaches

I respect the rights of citizens and local governments in determining how they want to regulate their communities. SB 703 is designed to overturn a referendum voted in place by a strong majority of the citizens of Wrightsville Beach and limit the authority of municipal governments throughout the state.  I feel that this bill goes a long way in taking the power out of the voter’s hands and places it squarely in the hands of government.  This bill, as it is written, would also remove the rights of our community colleges to be able to effectively govern their campuses.  In my opinion, this would be a step backward in the democratic process we hold so firm.  As it stands, this bill is a clear example of special interest groups and lobbyists trying to trump the will of the public.
As our elected official, I ask that you please stand strong in helping to promote clean and healthy communities and OPPOSE SB 703.

We pickup trash constantly. Most disheartening is cigarette butts. They do not degrade and pose health risk to fish and wildlife.

Sincerely and thank you for taking time to help our community.

May 5, 2013

Three short boards by Tom Allen - ready to glass

Tom is about through  shaping and sanding these three boards. Well shaping is a bit of a misnomer, the shape is determined long before they look like something to surf. When Tom finishes the spar for nose and tail rocker, the ribs are matted to spar for a three dimensional 'well here is what it looks like' preview. Take a little imagination at this point but after building about 30 boards, thinking how it looks is not too difficult.

All these are all Western Red Cedar that will show their beautiful grain patters after first lamination coat. If you are interested in a board, let Tom know and he can customize just about any decal you want. We even put a drawing of pet lizzard on one board, pet dog on another.

Drop an email or call Tom if you want more details: 404-229-4223,  email: Blinddogsurfboards@yahoo.com

Mini-Simmons. Planning hull design with custom wood fins.  This board is 5'9" x 21", very light weight. Photos do not do the grain pattern justice. Come over and see for yourself.  Price: $590


Front view                                                Back view

Fishy Fish 7'5" x 23"  We have made a few of these, they are fast, sweet boards. All Western Red Cedar. Yes Cedar can be white, which adds to the uniqueness of each board. Price $750


         This is front side photo. Back side was too blurry so Tom is reshooting it, if and when we get some sun here in NC. :)

This 6'5" x 21" Hot Rail short board. Wicked fast shape with plenty of rail foil for rapid transisitions along beach break surf. Price: $650