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My Environmental Promise: I use Forest Stewardship Council certified woods or woods salvaged from downed trees. All boards are glassed with epoxy resin which is cleaner for our environment and emits 50-75% less Volatile Organic Compounds than polyester resin. In my shop I have moderate ventilation and no need for a mask when glassing. Epoxy is lighter and stronger than polyester. My wood boards are nearly indestructible and should last a lifetime. Each board is quality crafted for strength, durability and concern for our environment.

My Satisfaction Promise: Ride your board for 30 days. If you don't like it, return it.

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Dec 13, 2015

8' 3" Rising Sun

This is Carvalho wood wood, probably from Brazil. Often referred to as Australian Lacewood. A friend from Bazil "
Jean Paolo here we say Carvalho wood, the middle of the sun !

Just started this Rising Sun for Harry and Tara. Needed to draft a new spar and glued two 1/4"
plywood panels to make it. Usually there are few white Western Cedar boards but this time scored quite a few. Took the good white ones and dark ones into pile on the left below. The other pile on right is for decking, meaning they are all book matched pairs. Some really good choice pieces for this board and future boards. Lots of cutting and milling, almost whole day's worth of work, LOTS of sawdust.

Update 01/13
Glassed and sanded. Ready for skim coat and gloss coat.

Update 01/07
Almost finished with wood working part. Need to fit a fin box and leash plug/vent.

Update 01/03/2016
Rising sun panel glued and rough sanded to about 3/16" and glued to ribs and spar. First of three, maybe four 5/16" rail strips.

Update: 12/21
Frame ribs glued to spar and with two stringers to control twisting during construction. Top two plates to also stiffen the frame. The fin box needs internal bracing, Here are 1/4" balsa strips held while being glued in place Next the Rising Sun bottom deck is built.

Lamination coat

Lamination coat
Dressed up, ready to go  (4 oz glass)

Between main ribs are false ribs to add additional  strength. 

 First and second 5/16 sq. railing in place 

Mating the bottom to ribs and spar

Ready to glue up

First two deck plates

Lighting holes in spar

Milling to 3/16" thick.

2-piles matched woods

Shopping for wood. They had a bunch of white  cedar. 

Plotting our an 8' spar in a Mini-Mal board.

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