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My Environmental Promise: I use Forest Stewardship Council certified woods or woods salvaged from downed trees. All boards are glassed with epoxy resin which is cleaner for our environment and emits 50-75% less Volatile Organic Compounds than polyester resin. In my shop I have moderate ventilation and no need for a mask when glassing. Epoxy is lighter and stronger than polyester. My wood boards are nearly indestructible and should last a lifetime. Each board is quality crafted for strength, durability and concern for our environment.

My Satisfaction Promise: Ride your board for 30 days. If you don't like it, return it.

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Apr 29, 2012

Nose Job

9'4" Evo nose coming together. For those who have never made one like this, some background. First time I saw this was on one of Hap Jacob's longboard around '63 in his shop on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Hermosa Beach. Redwood and probably Balsa.

 In doing a wood board with top and bottom deckng, not connected until later, I have to cut from center point to rail edge point that is a match on other side of board. So taking a Japanese hand saw, with a 2"x4" to keep the saw vertical, then cut through top and bottom deck as smoothly as possible NO power saw. Same on other side. Then a 1"x4" piece of oak with sandpaper glued on is used to get a parallel surface between top and bottom deck.

By now I've glued up enough Cedar and Balsa strips to make a 2"x20" board. With a planer, all sides are trued up. Next is to make a bunch of test cuts on scrap wood to get the center angle perfect.

First picture is top deck nose, second is bottom. Nice when blocks align perfectly.

Then gluing each to board while trying to maintain an angle w/o gaps. The best clamps to use is lots of duck tape...lots.


  1. Hey, isn't it better simply to buy a new one?

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    1. Not certain what you mean. This is a new board, just made from wood not foam.


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