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Dec 18, 2011

Bird Rescue Lady - Mary Ellen Brunswick County NC


Update 12/19/11 (evening)
Your loon died this morning. I checked on it at 7 am and it was upright and blinked at me. At 7:30 it was dead. I suspect lead poisoning. It was an otherwise healthy, well muscled bird...just hadn't eaten in a day or two. No injuries either. If it had ingested a lead head type of lure ( happens a lot) he'd die in 48 hours.
Funny thing is: if he were shot with lead shot, he might live his normal life span but lead in the digestive tract is doom for them.

To live is to die, we all share those two experiences. What makes us all different is the time in between. This poor bird was heading some where and ended up some where completely different.
You and your family have a great holiday season.

Dan and Tom

Update 12/19/11 (early morning)

From Marry Ellen:
He weighed in at 8.8 lbs. The greenish look of his poop indicates bile...nothing in his gut so he's probably hungry and dehydrated. But the overall condition looks very good. These critters are difficult to rehab...stress can kill them.
I put your loon in a cushioned, heated kennel so he'd rest without any stress for a few hours. I checked him tonight and he's bright, alert and responsive. When I have a volunteer helper here in the morning, he'll be thoroughly examined. I will put him in a 6' livestock trough in 6-8 inches of warm water with a few fish. f he doesn't eat, I'll tube feed him.


Those of you living here, put this number in your cell phone under Bird Rescue: 910 294 2555 Mary Ellen.

Twice this year I called Mary Ellen to help with bird rescue. First time was few months ago with a Pelecan that looked like it had broken wings, there is a know fisherman and crew who routinely break Pelecan wings because they get too close to there nets. I truly hope some day I see them doing this, Tom and I will really take care of them.

Second time was today. Chelsea (our dog) and I went back down to let her run and for me to check out the surf. Almost at the end of Tubbs Inlet was a bird that wasn't moving. Chelsea ran up to it and the bird was not letting Chelsea near her: it was a Loon, in Winter plumage.  Never realized how big that bird is, proably around 10 pounds. It seem uninjuried but I called Mary Ellen and we agreed to meet near Shallotte.

Now a 23 pound surfboard is easy to carry, a 10 pound Loon who has very sharp serrated beak is another animal all together. Very soft neck and body, kind of cool to hold something like that in your arms.

Well the critter is safe with Mary Ellen and we're waiting to hear it's prognosses.

First picture is on the beach, second is in my Volvo heading to meet Mary Ellen:

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